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MagTop Centre financed for the next five years!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the MagTop Centre has been funded from Priority 2 of the European Funds for Smart Economy 2021-2027 Programme (FENG) through the next 5 years. The Foundation for Polish Science announced the results of recruitment under the International Research Agendas activity financed by the European Funds for Smart Economy 2021-2027 Programme (FENG).

The project from the International Center for Interfacing Magnetism and Superconductivity with Topological Matter – MagTop (Head Researcher Tomasz Dietl), received an amount of almost PLN 30 million. For the competition 16 applications were submitted, seven of them were recommended for financing. MagTop is the first on the ranking list with almost maximal possible number of points (33,37/34.0). The project is for five years with possibility of prolongation till January 31, 2029.


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Advanced lecture series ctd. "High Pressure Chemical Crystallography"

On 15 - 17 April 2024 the Institute will be host to a cycle of lectures by Prof. Leonid Dubrovinsky, a world expert on ultra-high pressure physics from the University of Bayreuth, together with short preceeding talks.

New type of magnetism splits from convention

Magnetic materials with zero net magnetization fall into two classes: conventional antiferromagnets and altermagnets. Physicists have identified a property in altermagnets that widens the divide between the two groups. Altermagnets represent collinear antiferromagnetic compounds with spin-up and ...

New professor nomination at the Institute for Henryk Teisseyre

We are glad to inform that by a decision of the President of Poland dated 11 December 2023, Henryk Teisseyre, a professor at our institute, was conferred the title of Professor of Natural Sciences in Physics.
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