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70th anniversary of the Institute of Physics PAS

In celebration of this milestone, we are organizing a two-day conference during which we want to reflect upon our history, proudly showcase our achievements, and engage in meaningful discussions about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Furthermore, we are eager to reunite with our esteemed colleagues from Poland and abroad, teachers and friends. We therefore also cordially invite you to visit the institute and take part ...

Carbon Oxide Decomposition as a Novel Technique for Ultrahigh Quality ZnO Nanowire Crystallization

By modifying the classic method of growing ZnO nanowires, we were able to achieve an exceptionally high level of structural and optical quality in individual ZnO nanowires. The half-width of the exciton bound to the donor measured an unprecedented 0.5 meV. Thermodynamic calculations, based on equilibrium and Gibbs free energies, indicated that the reduction of zinc oxide by carbon monoxide played...

Universality of Internal Correlations of Strongly Interacting p-Wave Fermions in One-Dimensional Geometry

The various properties of ultracold atomic gases significantly depend on the shape of the trap in which they are contained. However, it turns out that the quantum correlations between their subsystems can be completely independent of this. Such is the surprising conclusion of a theoretical paper by two Polish physicists, Przemysław Kościk and Tomasz Sowiński, just published in Physical Review L...
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