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Research areas

Topological materials
Quantum technologies
Condensed matter
New materials and their characterisation
Low dimensional structures
Quantum many-body and molecular physics
  • Molecular physics and photophysics ()
  • Molecular and atomic spectroscopy ()
  • Quantum gases and Bose-Einstein condesates ()
  • Theory of open quantum systems ()
  • Few body physics ()
  • Simulation methods for many-body quantum mechanics ()
Quantum physics of light
  • Polariton gases and condensates ()
  • Quantum optics ()
  • Laser physics ()
  • Quantum and wave chaos ()
Chemical physics
Soft condensed matter
  • Biomembranes and molecular dynamics ()
  • Biomolecule dynamics ()
  • Protein folding ()
Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine
  • Photodynamic therapy ()
  • Biomarkers and biosensors ()
  • Nanoparticles in medical applications ()
  • Implants and coatings ()
  • Pathological disodered proteins ()
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