Tomasz Sowiński

If something is important enough, you should try. Even if the probable outcome
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Dr hab. Tomasz Sowiński, prof. IF PAN

Few-Body Problems Theory Group
Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Aleja Lotników 32/46
PL-02668 Warszawa, Poland

Phone: +48 22 116 31 17

My Researcher ID:  A-4993-2012
My ORCID ID:  0000-0002-7970-4371
My ArXiv ID:  sowinski_t_1
Google Scholar:  My profile
Nauka Polska:  215561

Recently published

  1. X. Li, D. Pęcak, T. Sowiński, J. Sherson, A. E. B. Nielsen
    Global optimization for quantum dynamics of few-fermion systems
    Phys. Rev. A (in press)
  2. J. Dobrzyniecki, X. Li, A. E. B. Nielsen, T. Sowiński
    Effective three-body interactions for bosons in a double-well confinement
  3. P. Kościk, T. Sowiński
    Exactly solvable model of two trapped quantum particles interacting via finite-range soft-core interactions