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The Institute of Physics Colloquium

Konwersatorium Stacjonarnie

Sophisticated nanomaterials and nanostructures to solve energy and health problems

27-05-2024 15:15 - 16:15
Institute of Physics PAS, Leonard Sosnowski Auditorium, Building I
prof. dr hab. Michał Giersig
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS, Warsaw
Leonard Sosnowski Auditorium, Building I

Why energy and health? In a time, horizon of 50 years, almost all countries have embarked on and signed an ambitious plan to achieve a fully climate-neutral energy supply. An important factor is the development of renewable energy sources that enable a clean energy supply that meets the demands of a growing population, the associated infrastructure and an environmentally destructive growing production of CO2. Current energy production from fossil fuels is the cause of carbon dioxide pollution, which has an impact on the rapidly increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases.

The scope of my lecture will include examples of the development of advanced nanomaterials through an interdisciplinary approach. There is also a high demand for alternative green energy sources due to the negative effects of climate change highlighted in the European Green Deal. Another challenge is cancer, which is the second leading cause of death in Europe, according to the WHO. Considering the above, we present to you examples an initiative for collaborative, strategic research and unique expertise to support international collaboration between scientists and experts from different disciplines and innovations.


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  • 27-05-2024 15:15 - 16:15
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