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 Magnetism and superconductivity seminar
Niezwykła dynamika ferroelektrycznego przejścia fazowego w domieszkowanym kwantowym paraelektryku K1-xLixTaO3
(in Polish)

Wednesday, March 22, 10:00
On-line seminar
 Biological physics and bioinformatics seminar
The mechanism of microtubule-pair sliding driven by kinesin-1 in vitro
Wednesday, March 22, 15:15
On-line seminar
 Colloquium IP PAS
Genetic variation - sources and consequences
Tuesday, March 28, 15:15
On-line Colloquium

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     Meeting ID: 937 0353 0857
     Passcode: 7U1WJc
 Physicist, R&D employee: specialist in the area of many body phenomena in topological materials
   17.03 - 02.04
 PhD student - scholarship holder: study conformations of partially disordered proteins
   15.03 - 10.04
 Doctor: specialist in theory of semiconductors and magnetic semiconductors
   10.03 - 30.03
 Assistant or assistant professor (adjunct) in experimental biophysics
   10.03 - 16.04
 Professor, associate professor or assistant professor (adjunct) in theoretical biophysics
   10.03 - 16.04
 Doctor with Advanced Research and Development Experience, specialist in semiconductor photonics
   24.02 - 30.03
 Doctor with Advanced Research and Development Experience, specialist in the MBE growth of semiconductor nanowires
   24.02 - 30.03
 MSc student: Theoretical research on topological invariants in strongly correlated fermion systems
   14.02 - 20.03
 Postdoctoral researcher in computational biophysics: molecular dynamics simulations of galectin-3 condensates
   02.02 - 31.03


 Effects of Charge Dopants in Quantum Spin Hall Materials
Tomasz Dietl
Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 086202 (2023)
 Mechanical forces impair antigen discrimination by reducing differences in T-cell receptor/peptide-MHC off-rates
B. Różycki (co-author)
EMBO Journal, e2500 (2022)
 Intrinsic Magnetic (EuIn)As Nanowire Shells with a Unique Crystal Structure
M. A. Załuska-Kotur, R. Buczko, P. Kacman (co-authors)
Nano Lett. (2022)
 Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Mechanism in Exciton–Polariton Condensates for Photonic Spiking Neurons
A. Opala, M. Matuszewski (co-authors)
Laser Photonics Rev. 2100660 (2022)
 Engineering Interfacial Effects in Electron and Phonon Transport of Sb2Te3/MoS2 Multilayer for Thermoelectric ZT Above 2.0
TMujeeb Ahmad (co-author)
Adv. Funct. Mater. 2206384 (2022)
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