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Information for newly hired employees
 Theoretical physics seminar
Disruption of a Bose-Fermi droplet by an artificial black hole
Tuesday, January 25, 12:00
On-line seminar
 Condensed matter physcis seminar
Revisiting the problem of the single hole in an antiferromagnet
Tuesday, January 25, 14:00
On-line seminar
 Magnetism and superconductivity seminar
Crystal field model simulations of magnetic response of small Mn3+ clusters in GaN
Wednesday, January 26, 10:00
On-line seminar
 Fundamentals of physics seminar
Conservation laws in classical mechanics
Wednesday, January 26, 11:00
On-line seminar
 Biological physics and bioinformatics seminar
Advanced fluorescence-based methods to study drug delivery
Wednesday, January 26, 15:15
On-line seminar:
 Assistant Professor in experimental physics: SQUID magnetometry and magnetoelectric measurements
   24.01 - 15.02
 Postdoc: growth of metallic layered heterostructures
   21.01 - 23.02
 Assistant: fabrication of bulk CdTe-based crystals using Bridgman method and characterization of their properties
   13.01 - 24.01
 Postdoc position in solid-state physics
   11.01 - 31.01
 Postdoc: spectroscopy of perovskites
   29.12 - 31.01
 Postdoc in theory of exciton-polaritons
   22.12 - 15.03
 Post-doc: molecular dynamics simulations of galectin-3 condensates
   26.11 - 31.01


 Strain control in graphene on GaN nanowires: Towards pseudomagnetic field engineering
M. Sobanska, Z. R. Żytkiewicz (co-authors)
Carbon 186, 128 - 140 (2022)
 Sub-Band Spectrum Engineering via Structural Order in Tapered Nanowires
M. Załuska-Kotur, R. Buczko, P. Kacman (co-authors)
Nano Lett. 21, 10215–10221 (2021)
 Single organic molecules for photonic quantum technologies
I. Deperasinska, B. Kozankiewicz (co-authors)
Nature Materials 20, 1615 - 1628 (2021)
 Realizing Optical Persistent Spin Helix and Stern-Gerlach Deflection in an Anisotropic Liquid Crystal Microcavity
Michał Matuszewski (co-author)
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 190401 (2021)
 Potent strategy towards strongly emissive nitroaromatics through a weakly electron-deficient core
M. Banasiewicz, B. Kozankiewicz, A. L. Sobolewski (co-authors)
Chem. Sci. 12, 14039 (2021)
 The Driving Force for Co-translational Protein Folding is Weaker In the Ribosome Vestibule due to Greater Water Ordering
Quyen V. Vu, Mai Suan Li (co-authors)
Chem. Sci. 12, 11851 (2021)
 Coupling Charge and Topological Reconstructions at Polar Oxide Interfaces
W. Brzezicki, C. Autieri (co-authors)
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 127202 (2021)
 Effective oxygen reduction on A-site substituted LaCuO3-δ: toward air electrodes for SOFCs based on perovskite-type copper oxides
Bogdan Dąbrowski (co-author)
J. Mater. Chem. A 7, 227403 (2019)
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