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Information for newly hired employees
 Roentgen seminar
Laser modification of nanomaterials: from ablation to phase transitions
Tuesday, February 7, 10:30, Room D, IP PAS
Hybrid seminar
 Theoretical physics seminar
Lee-Low-Pine transformation and its generalization
Tuesday, February, 12:00, Room D, IP PAS
 Postdoctoral researcher in computational biophysics: molecular dynamics simulations of galectin-3 condensates
   02.02 - 31.03
 Postdoc position in solid-state physics
   23.01 - 15.02
 Assistant or assistant professor (adjunct) in experimental biophysics
   17.01 - 24.02
 Professor, associate professor or assistant professor (adjunct) in theoretical biophysics
   17.01 - 28.02


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