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 Condensed matter physcis seminar
Luminescence of manganese ions in solids under high pressures
Tuesday, April 13, 14:00
On-line seminar
 Magnetism and superconductivity seminar
Measurements of conductivity and penetration depth of superconductors in the microwave frequency band
Wednesday, April 14, 10:00
On-line seminar
 Fundamentals of physics seminar
Physical discoveries in medicine
Wednesday, April 14, 11:00
On-line seminar
 Assistant or assistant professor in X-ray diffraction methods in solid state physics
   19.03 - 15.05
 Assistant in theoretical physics
   09.03 - 16.04


 Long-Time-Scale Magnetization Ordering Induced by an Adsorbed Chiral Monolayer on Ferromagnets
Lech T. Baczewski (co-author)
ACS Nano 15, 5574 - 5579 (2021)
 Coexistence of Short- and Long-Range Ferromagnetic Proximity Effects in a Fe/(Cd,Mg)Te/CdTe Quantum Well Hybrid Structure
Grzegorz Karczewski, Sergij Chusnutdinow, Tomasz Wojtowicz (co-authors)
Nano Lett. 21, 2370 - 2375 (2021)
 Neuromorphic Binarized Polariton Networks
Andrzej Opala, Paolo Comaron, Michał Matuszewski (co-authors)
Nano Lett. (2021)
 Role of Metal Vacancies in the Mechanism of Thermal Degradation of InGaN Quantum Wells
Sławomir Kret (co-author)
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13, 7476 - 7484 (2021)
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