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Management of Institute of Physics PAS
Director of the Institute
Prof. Dr. hab. Roman Puź
 Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs 
 Dr. hab. Grzegorz Grabecki, Prof. IF 
 Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs 
 Prof. Dr. hab. Magdalena Zał 
 Deputy Director for Administrative and Technical Affairs 
 Dr. Paweł Głó 
 Chief Accountant 
 MSc. Grzegorz 
 Magnetism and superconductivity seminar
Structure and magnetic properties of the La(Fe,Si)13-type alloys modified by selected lanthanides (Ce, Pr, Ho, Dy) and transition metals (Mn, Ni, Co)
Wednesday, March 3, 10:00
On-line seminar
 Scholar: Growth and characterization of nitride semiconductor nanostructures (2 positions)
   24.02 - 11.03
 Postdoctoral fellow in theoretical biophysics
   24.02 - 11.03
 Postdoc, ultracold atom theory
   15.02 - 15.03
 Professor, specialist in theoretical molecular photophysics
   10.02 - 10.03
 Postdoc in Computational Physics
   10.02 - 15.03
 Assistant or Assistant Professor: experimental soft-matter physics
   08.02 - 14.03
 Postdoc, experimental research of topological matter
   22.01 - 28.02


 Fully Quantum Scalable Description of Driven-Dissipative Lattice Models
Piotr Deuar, Alex Ferrier, Michał Matuszewski, Giuliano Orso,
and Marzena H. Szymańska

PRX Quantum 2, 010319 (2021)
 Laser-Induced Frequency Tuning of Fourier-Limited Single-Molecule Emitters
Irena Deperasińska, Bolesław Kozankiewicz (co-authors)
ACS Nano 14, 13584 - 13592 (2020)
 Epitaxial Metal Halide Perovskites by Inkjet-Printing on Various Substrates
Valentin V. Volobuev, Jędrzej Korczak, Andrzej Szczerbakow, Tomasz Story (co-authors)
Adv. Funct. Mater. 30, 2004612 (2020)
 Magneto-Optics of Excitons Interacting with Magnetic Ions in CdSe/CdMnS Colloidal Nanoplatelets
Vitalii Yu. Ivanov (co-author)
ACS Nano 14, 9032 - 9041 (2020)
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