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Management of Institute of Physics PAS
Director of the Institute
Prof. Dr. hab. Roman Puźniak
  Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs  
  Dr. hab. Grzegorz Grabecki, Prof. IF PAN  
  Deputy Director for Scientific Projects  
  Prof. Dr. hab. Magdalena Załuska-Kotur  
  Deputy Director for Technical Affairs  
  Dr. Paweł Głód  
  Chief Accountant  
  MSc. Grzegorz Dudek  
  Magnetism and superconductivity seminar
Fukushima - its health and social consequences (in Polish)
Wednesday, January 24, 10:00, Room 203, IP PAS
  Fundamentals of physics seminar
Classical and quantum electromagnetism, Part IV
Wednesday, January 24, 12:00, Room D, IP PAS
  Colloquium IP PAS
Construction and addressing of molecular devices on semiconductor surfaces
Tuesday, January 30, 15:15, Assembly hall, IP PAS
  PhD student in Laser Spectroscopy
   12.01 - 09.02
  PhD student in electron microscopy of semiconductors nanostructures
   10.01 - 02.02
   09.01 - 26.01
  PhD student in molecular biophysics
   05.01 - 23.02
  XPS Specialist - Lab Manager
   05.12.17 - 30.01.18

  Superluminal X-waves in a polariton quantum fluid
A. Gianfrate, L. Dominici, O. Voronych, Michał Matuszewski, M. Stobińska, D. Ballarini, M. De Giorgi, G. Gigli and D. Sanvitto
Light: Science & Applications 7, 17119 (2018)
  Robust Epitaxial Al Coating of Reclined InAs Nanowires
J.-H. Kang, A. Grivnin, E. Bor, J. Reiner, N. Avraham, Y. Ronen, Y. Cohen, P. Kacman, H. Shtrikman, and H. Beidenkopf
Nano Lett. 17, 12, 7520-7527 (2017)
  Amphoteric Be in GaN: Experimental Evidence for Switching between Substitutional and Interstitial Lattice Sites
F. Tuomisto, V. Prozheeva, I. Makkonen, T. H. Myers, M. Bockowski, and H. Teisseyre
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 19, 1964044 (2017)
  Intramolecular Electron Transfer in Frozen Solvents: Charge Transfer and Local Triplet States Population Dynamics Revealed by Dual Phosphorescence
J. Karpiuk, A. Majka, E. Karolak, J. Nowacki
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 4659-4667 (2017)
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