The LDSC-FEL workshop is free of charge for all participants.

Organizers reserved a limited number of rooms for participants  in two hotels situated close to the Worksop site at the Institute of Physics, PAS:

The addresses of the places and prices, are as follows:

Guest-House of the Institute of Physics, PAS; located close to the Institute of Physics.
Address: Al. Lotników 32/46, 02-668 Warsaw.
Phone: +48(22) 843 24 24; fax: +48(22) 843 09 26
Prices: single room 120 PLN (~ 30 Euro)
    double room 172 PLN (~ 43 Euro)

Barnabits’ Hotel; a. 5 min by foot from the Institute of Physics, PAS
Address: Smoluchowskiego 1, 02-679 Warszawa;
Phone: +48(22) 543 20 01; fax: +48(22) 543 22 82
Prices: single room 265 PLN (~ 66 Euro)
    double room 330 PLN (~ 83 Euro)

Although the standard of the Barnabits’ Hotel is higher than that of the Institute Guest House, we recommend the Guest House, as it is very close to the workshop site.

Other hotels in Wasaw can be found in the local inforamtion sites.

The LDSC-FEL Workshop will take part at the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Al. Lotnikow 32/46.
The Institute is situated in part of Warsaw called Sluzewiec close to a big new shopping center "Galeria Mokotow". Following this link (177 kB JPG picture) you can see a map explaining how to reach LDSC-FEL workshop from the Warsaw Airport
Below is a map showing the surround of the Institute fo Physics with two hotels described above

You can reach the Institute of Physics from the airport by taxi. The cost is about 30 PLN (~7.5Euro). You can exchange money at the foreign exchange office at the airport.

The public transportation is also available, but a little more complicated. Take the bus #175 or #188 from the airport to the Sasanki Street. Change there to the bus #189. Get off at the bus stop “Instytut Fizyki”, just opposite the Institute.