ERASMUS+ Project
ERASMUS+ Project
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Recruitment Procedure
At the beginning of the calendar year, the Institute applies to National Agency for Erasmus+ Programme for funds for the upcoming academic year. Projects that the Institute participates in last 16 months (June-September) and in recent years we applied for Staff Mobilities for Training (STT) only. At this point we estimate our needs upon the response the staff of the Institute gave to the programme the previous year and upon the prospective events. In the spring, the funds are granted and the recruitment procedure starts. A letter, stating the basic aims of the programme defined by the Institute, the total amount of received funds/granted number of mobilities, as well as the current recruitment procedure details (such as the application deadline) is dispatched to all the staff then.  The Erasmus Coordinator collects the applications for mobilities. There are no fundamental age, position, seniority or any other restrictions for application. In line with the internal regulations of the Institute, the Individual Support from Erasmus+ programme will be granted for living expenses during the mobility (paid as a lump sum), while the (major) travel expenses should be covered from other sources available to the participant. The rates of Individual Support for different countries, needed for planing a mobility, may be found here. The final decision upon the Individual Support granting is made by the director of the Institute. In the (so far unprecedented) case of number of applications exceeding the granted number of mobilities, the director will be advised by the Commission for Assistants and Adjuncts of the Institute. There is also some redistribution of funds by National Agency for Erasmus+ Programme during the academic year. In case of obtaining funds for additional STT mobilities, an additional recruitment is organised.

In case of further questions concerning possibilities and mechanisms of Erasmus+ Programme at the Institute, please contact the
Erasmus Coordinator.