ERASMUS+ Project
ERASMUS+ Project
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Preparation and Reporting of Mobility
After the proposed mobility has been accepted, the participant fills in the Staff Mobility for Training Mobility Agreement, signs it, obtains the signature of the  Erasmus Coordinator and sends the document to the receiving institution. The training programme should be defined for each day of the mobility and should imply gaining a well-defined expertise. The Mobility Agreement must be signed by the responsible person appropriate for the Erasmus+ Programme, according to the internal regulations of the receiving institution, and sent back to the participant. E-mailing the scanned document is fully acceptable.
Upon receiving the Mobility Agreement signed by all required parties, the Agreement between the Institute and the participant and the Travel Order can be prepared and signed.
Then the Individual Support is transferred (lump sum) and the mobility can commence.
The participant is obliged to receive a Mobility Confirmation from the receiving institution. The exact duration of stay (without travel) and the nature of stay (training in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme) should be explicitly stated.
At the end of the mobility, the participant will receive an e-mail massage from Mobility Tool system calling for filling the Individual Report. The e-mail will contain a link to an on-line questionnaire. The questionnaire must be filed within 30 days upon receiving the notification.
The Travel Order should be settled upon returning according to the internal regulations of the Institute.