It is already the third time the Polish Section of the European Photochemistry Association (EPA) has a honour and pleasure to invite the researchers working in photochemistry, photophysics and molecular spectroscopy to take part in the conference:

Molecules and Light 2015
III Autumn Meeting of the Polish Photochemistry Group

The conference will be held, traditionally in Zakopane, from 28 September to 2 October 2015.

The 'International Year of Light 2015' gives us special reasons for celebrating interactions between light and matter. As our two past ML2011 and ML2013 meetings, the conference aims at reviewing current research conducted in Poland in the field of photochemistry and photophysics, and at providing opportunity for establishing and strengthening scientific and personal contacts between the members of our community. This year's edition will emphasise both theoretical and experimental aspects of photophysical and photochemical research. As before, we hope for a broader participation of the younger part of our community: young researchers, postdocs, as well as PhD and graduate students. A number of lectures will be given by invited international speakers. EPA membership is not mandatory for participating at the meeting.

The official language of the meeting will be English.

All interested in taking part in the meeting are kindly requested to complete the registration card (in English or in Polish) including the title of the your contribution and indicating preferable form of presentation (short oral communication or poster). The organizers reserve the right to qualify the presentation as oral communication or poster (depending of the number of participants).

The Conference Program can be downloaded here

The ML2015 Meeting is sponsored by
the Leading National Research Centre KNOW
(Krajowy Naukowy Ośrodek Wiodący KNOW)
The ML2015 Meeting is attended by the following exhibitors:
Comef, Eurotek International, Shim-Pol
COMEF Aparatura Naukowo-Badawcza, Katowice
EUROTEK International, Warsaw
SHIM-POL, Izabelin