2nd Workshop on
Quantum Chaos and Localisation Phenomena

May 19-22 2005 Warsaw, Poland

Sponsored by EU via:

Centre of Excellence of Advanced Spectroscopy Applications in Physics,
Materials Science, Biology and Environmental Protection
Institute of Physics , Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw , Poland

Workshop Chairs

Leszek Sirko & Arkadiusz Orlowski
Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw , Poland
sirko@ifpan.edu.pl & orlow@ifpan.edu.pl

Workshop’s Objectives

To assess achievements and to formulate directions of new research
on quantum chaos and localisation.
To bring together prominent experimental and theoretical physicists
who share a common interest in quantum
chaos and localisation phenomena.

Workshop’s Scope

Presentations will focus on the following topics:
Quantum chaos and nonlinear classical systems; Quantum and microwave billiards;
Quantum and microwave graphs;
Atoms in strong electromagnetic fields – experiment and theory;
Chaos vs. coherent effects in multiple scattering; Anderson localisation;
Random lasers; Quantum chaos and quantum computing.

Local Committee

Szymon Bauch - Chairman (bauch@ifpan.edu.pl)
Oleh Hul (olehhul@ifpan.edu.pl)
Oleg Tymoshchuk (tymol@ifpan.edu.pl)
Wanda Zawojska