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Prof. dr. hab. Tomasz Wojtowicz

tel. (+48 22) 116 31 23

Room II-124/B2

email: wojto(at)ifpan.edu.pl

Research areas:

  • Electrical transport (including band and hopping conductivity), localization and weak localization, metal-insulator transition in doped semiconductors
  • Band structure, optical and electrical properties of narrow-gap semiconductors, including Hg-based alloys
  • Spectroscopy of semiconductor thin layers, superlattices, quantum wells (including graded potential quantum wells – e.g. parabolic), quantum wires and dots
  • Band structure, optical, electrical and magnetic properties of diluted magnetic semiconductors: both bulk and low-dimensional structures
  • MBE growth of semiconductor nanostructures
  • Physics of low-dimensional systems
  • Physics of ferromagnetic semiconductors