Cryoengineering Group SL-2.1

Our group has many years experience in designing and making cryostats and high-vacuum equipment. We produce the following types of cryostats on individual orders:
  • helium continuous-flow (CF) cryostats (optical and windowless)

  • helium CF cryostats top loaded with high-pressure chambers

  • helium bath cryostats for bolometers

  • cryogenic systems including superconducting magnets and variable temperature inserts (VTI)

  • helium bath optical cryostats for measurements within a wide temperature range using high power laser beams

  • inexpensive liquid nitrogen bath cryostats for 77 K (300 K range)

  • LN2 installations (including phase separators) for MBE systems

  • liquid helium transfer tubes

  • optical tails for bath and CF cryostats

  • vacuum shrouds with optical windows for closed-cycle refrigerating systems

  • vacuum shrouds with optical windows for closed-cycle refrigerating systems

During almost twenty years of our activity in cryotechnics we have gathered a vast experience in repairing cryostats and all kinds of cryogenic equipment. Moreover we perform thorough tests of vacuum tightness using mass-spectrometer helium leak detectors, and produce elements of high-vacuum installations requiring highly-specialized TIG welding. Our cryostats are thoroughly tested before delivery and we guarantee very moderate prices of our products and services.


Workmanship and materials are warranted to be faultless for 12 months from the date of delivery.

Contact address:

Cryotechnic Group SL-2.1, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
al. Lotników 32/46, PL 02-668 Warsaw, Poland

Phone:  (+48 22) 843 70 01 ext. 3263  (+44 22) 843 66 01 ext. 3263

Fax:     (+48 22) 847 52 24