Group Seminars


Codes and Databases

  • A list of electromagnetic scattering programmes supported by Thomas Wriedt

  • SCATTERLIB - Light Scattering and Radiative Transfer Codes Library maintained by P. Flatau

  • FORTRAN T-matrix codes for computing electromagnetic scattering by non-spherical and aggregated particles supported by M. Mishchenko

  • Computational Electromagnetic Modelling Codes Available on the Internet

  • Numerical Electromagnetics Codes Library EMLIB

  • Scatlab Project home page (Mie scattering theory and more...);
    written by Wołodymyr Bazhan

  • Scatter Intensity Fitting (Mie scattering theory fitted to intensity of light scattered by a cloud of particles), written by Anastasiya Derkachova

  • ASCII to DAT (conversion of Jobin Yvon HR460 Spectrometer output data *.L00 to two columns data file), written by Anastasiya Derkachova

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