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Oral and Poster presentations


The exhibiting area of a poster table is 140 cm (height) x 115 cm (width).

ORAL PRESENTATIONS (invited & contributed)

The time allotted for oral presentations is 50 min. for invited speakers and 12 min. for contributed papers.
A computer for presentations will be provided. The MS Office 2007 Power Point and Adobe Reader (Acrobat) will be installed on the computer. The presentations should be downloaded to the computer during the break before the beginning of the session. All speakers can use also their own laptops, if they prefer so. The laptops should be installed (connected to the video switch provided by the organizers) also during the break before the start of the session.

It is strongly recommended that you prepare clear slides with fonts not smaller than 24 points. Otherwise your presentation can be unreadable from the last rows of the lecture room.