Useful local information

Krynica-Zdrój (city web pages e.g.: here, here or here)  is a small city and a health resort in south of Poland. It is located in a valley in  Beskid Sądecki mountains, close to the border with Slovakia.  It is surrounded by mountains offering many tourist routes with various level of difficulty.

In mid to end of June one can expect temperatures around 18 °C  +/- 5  °C,  fresh healthy air and beautiful green trees.  Rainy days can happen.
The weather forecast for a coming week can be found e.g. here.

Krynica-Zdrój is situated about 100 km south east from Kraków - an old capital of Poland worth sightseeing (info e.g. here or here).

Krynica-Zdrój can be reach from Kraków by bus (faster trip, ~ 3 hours) or by train (longer  trip, ~5 hours, with nice landscapes).  
Main train station  in Kraków is:  Kraków Główny.  Train time tables can be searched here (fast trains, Intercity PKP) or here (all trains, PKP).
Nearest airport is in Kraków Balice (web page is here, it includes a list of airlines operating there and a flight search).

Conference bus from  Kraków  to  Krynica-Zdrój

Conference buses will be arranged from Kraków Główny  bus/train  station on Friday 24th and Sunday 26th of June.  We will ask the participants to express their interest in conference bus during the on-line registration procedure.

Bus hours (to be confirmed):
     Friday,  24th of June:      departure  at  ~16.45  from  Kraków Główny bus/train station
     Sunday,  26th of June:   departure  at  ~16.45  from  Kraków Główny bus/train station

Kraków Główny bus station (Regionalny Dworzec Autobusowy) is located next to the platforms of Kraków Główny train station (distance ~ 50-100 meters, a map can be found here). Conference buses will have an emblem of  "Jaszowiec" 2011 Conference.


Suggested convenient fast train from Warsaw departs at  13.20   from Warszawa Centralna station and arrives at  16.23  to Kraków Główny station. 
Conference buses will wait for an arrival of this train, if the train is late. In such a case, conference buses will enter the bus station at the time of the actual  arrival of the train. This  is due to a limited time of staying allowed for buses at the bus station (15 minutes).

Return buses from Krynica-Zdrój to Kraków Główny train station will be arranged only for Friday 1st of July, departure at 10.00-10.30 (in front of Motyl Hotel). An arrival to Kraków Główny station is planned not later than at 13.30., with the train leaving for Warsaw at 13:45 (the next train is at  15:05).