The new abstract submission deadline is April 11th, 2011. The abstracts are to be submitted using our online submission system

In 2011 we accept abstracts in PDF format only.
Please read below if you are not familiar with PDF-formated file creation.   

Acceptance of the contributed papers for presentation is based solely on the contents of the abstracts. Abstracts should clearly spell out the originality, importance, and novelty of the contribution. The Program Committee's judgment will be e-mailed to authors by April 30th.

All abstracts should be of one-page A4 length.

PDF- formated file can be created by using virtual printers (if your text processor does not have native PDF file output), which allow to produce PDF file from any application which can print.
We may advise using the following open source or freeware virtual printers, which were tested by us under MS Windows (must be downloaded and installed on your computer):
        PDF Creator
There are also many others for various operating systems. MS Word 2009, Open Office and most LaTeX environments allow to produce PDF files natively.
Please make sure to include all the fonts used in your abstract in PDF file produced. Also please do not disable printing from your PDF file, and check that Adobe Reader (Acrobat) can open your file correctly.
Please limit the PDF file size of your abstract to not more than ~100 kB. If the resultant file is bigger please reduce the resolution of graphics included in the abstract. 

The abstract book in printed paper version (which will be given as the conference materials for each participant) will be produced directly from the PDF abstract files submitted. So solely authors are responsible for the look of their abstract in the abstract book.
When you submit the abstract
from your account, please fill in the on-line form with the list of all authors of your abstract. The index of authors in the abstract book will be composed from this list.  

To standardize the look of abstracts we require authors to use one of the templates in  MS Word (*.doc) or  LaTeX 2e (*.tex) file formats (or format their abstract in a very similar manner):
            MS WORD  (.doc)             LaTeX template  (.tex)            LaTeX instruction  (.pdf)
These templates contain more detailed  instructions how to prepare your abstract. Please do not reduce the margins on A4 page templates.

Last minute abstracts

To allow for presentation of the most recent results, the Organizing Committee will open the submission of the last minute abstracts, which may be presented as posters only

Last minute abstracts can be submitted from May  1st until May 31st and, if accepted, they will be included in the abstract book.
The abstract has to be submitted as one A4 page PDF document (the usage of the template provided above is obligatory) and e-mailed to  jasz2011@ifpan.edu.pl  with the subject "Last minute abstract".

The last minute abstracts will be continuously reviewed and the authors will be notified about the Program Committee's decision.