School - Special Tutorial Session

The Special Tutorial Session (School) in semiconductor physics will take place just before the Conference, during the weekend of 25th-26th of June, 2011. It is co-organized by the Foundation "Pro Physica".

The School will contain four lectures, each 3 hours long, given by the outstanding scientists with strong educational touch. These introductory lectures are mostly directed to the PhD and diploma students  or  younger scientists.

The list of invited speakers:

Detlef Hommel  (University of Bremen, Germany)
              Modern technologies for semiconductor epitaxy and nano-processing (tentatiive title)

Gerhard Abstreiter  (Walter Schottky Institut, Munchen, Germany)
              Quantum dot physics and devices (tentatiive title)

Aldo Di Carlo  (University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy)
              Physical simulation of electronic devices

Debdeep Jena  (University of Notre Dame, USA)
              Enginnering of electric field in nitride-based semiconductors

Students' grants
 As in the case of previous Schools (called Pre-Schools before 2009), a limited number of grants is planned to be offered to partially cover the costs of participation of students in the courses.
Priority will be given to the students whose conference abstracts are accepted.  The necessary condition to obtain student's grant is a participation in the School.
The student can receive the financial grant only twice during her/his participation in "Jaszowiec" Schools.
Applications for the support should be submitted by the student's supervisor before April 4th  directly to the Chairman of the Special Tutorial Session:

Dr. Jacek Szczytko
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
ul. Hoża 69, 00-681 Warszawa, Poland
tel. : +48(22) 55-32387
fax: +48(22) 621-9712