The scope of “Jaszowiec” meetings has evolved over the years and it has crystallized in a formula involving almost all research fields in the semiconductor physics, including technology, experiment, theory and modeling.

Overviews of recent achievements in semiconductor physics are presented by outstanding researchers (proposed and invited by the Advisory and Program Committees) in a series of plenary morning lectures. The contributed papers of the conference attendees are presented in the form of oral and poster presentations during afternoon and evening sessions.

In 2011, the symposium “Physics and modeling of devices” is planned. The invited speakers will give an overview of  applied research on semiconductor devices. We hope to invite lecturers both from academia, and from industry.

The Conference is preceded by a two-day School (a tutorial session) organized mostly for PhD and undergraduate students. They will have the opportunity to listen to more elementary overviews of several particular new subjects presented by excellent academic lecturers.

Remote location of the meeting and a daily time schedule with the afternoons free of lectures create an atmosphere of a fruitful workshop, with many opportunities for discussions and building future co-operations. This opportunity is strengthened by multiple social events.

Proceedings of the Conference will be published as a volume of  Acta Physica Polonica A .
You can browse the Proceedings of the 38th Conference (2009)  here .  [The proceeding of the 39th Conference (2010) should appear online soon]

Official language of School and Conference is English.

 Previous conferences:  
Jaszowiec 2010
                                                Jaszowiec 2009
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                                                Jaszowiec 2007
                                                Jaszowiec 2006
                                                Jaszowiec 2005
                                                Jaszowiec 2004
                                                Jaszowiec 2003
                                                Jaszowiec 2002
                                                Jaszowiec 2001
                                                Jaszowiec 2000