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The formal colloquium of the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences it the main ongoing periodic series of lectures in physics and related science, of interest to members of the Institute. It is held from 1977. Colloquium speakers are primarily domestic and foreign scholars of established reputation, but also less-known physicists with remarkable and current scientific achievements. The colloquium is held once a month from September to June, usually at 3:15 PM on the last Tuesday of the month in the Auditorium of the Institute of Physics. Colloquia are open to the public, and are preceded by a coffee/the reception at the Institute.

For future information about the colloquia, pleace contact Prof. Dr. hab. Leszek Sirko (, current chairman of the colloquium committee.


We are pleased to announce that on April 16th 2019 (Tuesday) at 15:15 in the Institute of Physics, in the L. Sosnowski's auditorium will be held colloquium of the Institute of Physics PAS, in which:

Prof. Leszek Roszkowski

from Astrocent, Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Centre and National Centre for Nuclear Research, will give a lecture entitled:

The dark matter dilemma and how to resolve it

We cordially invite to attend the colloquium and please to inform other interested persons. Before the colloquium, at 14:45, participants are welcome for coffee, tea and biscuits.

  Colloquium Committee


      Dark matter is the second largest component of the mass-energy balance of the Universe. Despite the wealth of observational evidence in support of its existence, the identity of dark matter remains unknown. In my talk I will first briefly present what is known about the properties of dark matter. Next, I will discuss some more popular ideas for the nature of dark matter in terms of particle physics, as well as the experimental effort to detect the elusive dark matter particle.