Meeting with the Delegation of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

On Friday, September 4 2015 the Institute hosted a seven member delegation of the Commission on Science and Technology, Shanghai Municipal Board. Delegation, which included representatives from Shanghai's universities, industry and government of the city-region, was chaired by Commission Vice-President Mr. Ma Xing Fa. The visit of the Chinese delegation was together with the meeting at the Ministry of Economy, the main point of their program in Poland.

The guests were received by Professor Andrzej Wiśniewski and Dr. Paweł Głód, representing the Director of the Institute. The delegates participated in a meeting with a group of Institute's professors active in various fields of research and involved in implementation of results in industry. The Chinese Delegation visited also some of the Institute's laboratories.

The program of the meeting included general information about the Institute and a brief review of some current results. Professor Tomasz Story presented his work on new efficient thermoelectric materials. This topic aroused great interest, as one of the visitors conducts similar research for the automotive industry, which was followed by discussion on economically feasible use of thermoelectric devices in cars. There was also considerable interest concerning the presentation on nanotechnology-based diagnostics and treatment of cancer, given by Professor Danek Elbaum. The visit to the laboratory of Professor Marek Godlewski resulted in a number of questions about Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology, in particular for photovoltaics and ability to manufacture antibacterial coatings. The Delegation visited also the laboratories of Professor Tomasz Baczewski (molecular beam epitaxy - MBE), Professor Anna Ślawska-Waniewska (research on molecular-based magnets), and Professor Marek Berkowski (crystal growth by Czochralski Method).

During the talks the opportunity to exchange PhD students between the Institute and universities in Shanghai was mentioned.

The short but fruitful and interesting visit of the Delegation should allow to extend and further develop the already existing cooperation of the Institute with scientific centers in Shanghai. The present cooperation is coordinated at the Institute of Physics by Professor Roman Puźniak.

Meeting with Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality
Head of the Chinese Delegation Mr. Ma Xing Fa - third from the right.

In the first part of the meeting with Delegation of Science and Technology Commission
of Shanghai Municipality Professor Andrzej Wiśniewski gave a lecture on research potential of the Institute of Physics.